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Cells and Organelles_The Cell Membrane

Posted by sailjamehra on March 25, 2010

Do all membranes have the same basic structure?

•Both the cell surface membrane and the membranes surrounding certain organelles have the same basic structure. Much of the membrane is made up of a ‘sea’ of phospholipids with protein molecules ‘floating’ in between the phospholipids.

•What is an intrinsic protein? •What is an extrinsic protein? •Why is it called the fluid mosaic model?

•Allow movement of substances, such as glucose, across the membrane •NO ATP REQUIRED

•Actively transport substances, such as minerals, across the membrane •ATP is REQUIRED

      (a) Channel       VS    (b) Carrier


•What is the bilayer? •The phosphate heads are polar molecules and so are water-soluble. •The lipid tails are non-polar and therefore are not water-soluble.

•The phosphate heads are polar. Are they water-soluble? •The lipid tails are non-polar. Are they water-soluble?


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